Hypnosis and Cognitive Behavior Therapy can Change Your Life.

Hypnotherapy - An Effective Integrated Approach

Integrating Hypnosis with CBT, Meditation, Mindfulness and Positive Psychology is more comprehensive and allows a multi faceted approach to help clients find their solutions quickly and effectively.  When a client has been struggling with a problem for a long time, they want to deal with it, get through it, and get back to their life.

Clients experience relief and support through this approach which is ideal for self reported issues of low mood, anxiety, stress, insomnia, and many more, and some physical symptoms such as headaches, pain management, relief of IBS symptoms, menopause symptoms.  The list of what hypnosis and hypnotherapy are helpful for, are growing as research continues.


Hypnotherapy and CBT are common sense, practical approaches to problem solving.  It is estimated that most people run on autopilot, programmed thoughts, and habits up to 75% of their everyday experiences.  Addressing the programming paves the way for positive change.

It is possible to develop life skills that strengthen resilience and effective coping strategies to effectively manage challenges, at any age.  When life is in balance, stress and anxiety are reduced, and becoming more relaxed, calm, and confident is within reach.

The same effort is required to manage stress and turmoil as it does to learn new skills to create positive results. Where we choose to place our attention makes all the difference!

I have accumulated a long list of life experiences and qualifications to help you with your challenges in your life.

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Margo Staniforth
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Hypnosis Benefits

Did you know?

Hypnosis can help with an enormous range of different issues. Research tends to provide most support for its use in the following.

Anxiety management and pain management, overcoming sleep disorders, and improvement in low mood. It helps you manage stress and stress related illnesses. It also helps in conquering habits such as nail-biting, smoking cigarettes. Hypnosis is beneficial in personal development in areas such as sports performance, public speaking or creativity. It can also help with confidence and self esteem building.

NO! I will never make you quack like a duck, nor dance like a chicken or be this guy!

Clinical hypnosis and Hypnotherapy CBT is about support and empowerment of our clients, through their sessions, to reach their goals. Be aware of your choices and how stage shows make money at your expense.

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