Cognitive Behavior Therapy is an approach originally developed in Canada at McGill University over 40 years ago. The science with this approach addresses how our thoughts, emotions, behavior are connected and how they interact with our abilities to make choices, decisions, how it affects our self esteem and confidence and many other aspects of our life. When I suggest that when you change your thoughts, you can change your life, it is based on this approach. CBT empowers the client by helping them challenge beliefs, thoughts, programmed reactions and use practical techniques to arm the client with tools they can use throughout their life.

Positive Psychology

Developed by Dr. Martin Seligman was based partly on the realization that when a client solved a problem, there was no firm evidence that this contributed to their overall happiness or wellbeing. Our focus in western culture is heavy on the problem. Understanding how the mind works, what we focus on, grows. This approach is more focused on building strengths with the individual to cultivate a healthier response when facing challenges in life. The truth is, we all have challenges, the difference in results depends on how we are equipped to work through them.

Both Positive Psychology and CBT work in the present moment with the clients, meeting them where they are now, with what they wish to resolve now. While we do not have control of the past, we can address the troubling emotions that are still present. We can use the present to build skills and a solid foundation with the client. This contributes to their skill to build a healthy, happier relationship with themselves and with others. When we focus on the positive, we are growing in that direction.