Create your own luck with Karma

We use so many words with a casual air that the meaning and the intent become blurred.

We may use the word ‘depression’ to describe a small disappointment.  We may use the word ‘sick’ to describe a state of boredom with a situation. We may use the word ‘happy’ as a statement of something we feel we can or cannot achieve.

Words are powerful and contain meaning that our mind hears, records, files away and saves for future reference.  In this way we can program how we think, believe, feel, respond, react, make choices, obtain results.

Our brain and mind do not care or judge what inputs it receives from all sources.  When we have between 10,000 and up to 50-60 thousand thoughts every day, there is a lot to record.  If much of what we are thinking is in cycles of repeated thoughts, it is a form of self hypnosis.   A self-fulfilling equation.

“Karma” is a word that is often used with a threatening tone or warning.  “Be careful of your karma!”  When news about a person having a difficult experience, it is sloughed off as their karma. Some movies have a theme of karma where bad deeds done in the past reappear as something negative or ‘bad’ karma.

But what is it?

In the simplest explanation, it is cause and effect.  Our mind records all experiences and as such, can bring them up as needed to respond to a situation.  If we have words in our mind, in our speech, in our thoughts, forming our intentions, and are the focus of our attention, this is alignment.  This can support us when it is positive in tone and intention.  There is, however, plenty of research that supports that the human mind is hard-wired for negativity. This is a part of the brain that the sole purpose is to keep us safe from threats for survival.

If we think about the weather and it is a gray day with snow or rain and it is received by our mind that it is going to be a bad day. Throughout that day many things happen that we have decided are bad. The whole sequence is stored away in the mind that after years of saying, feeling, believing, choosing, telling ourselves repeatedly that every gray day with snow or rain is a ‘bad’ day, can affect us exactly as that.   It supports that survival response in our brain.  We may have had some great things happen to us that we choose to ignore, and still insist on living, breathing, choosing to have a bad day.

This can become a negative habit.  Weather can become a ‘reason’ for a bad day.  It is warm, but not warm enough, it is cool, but not the right kind of coolness, the day is too short to get everything done or the day is too long and the sun in the window become bothersome.  We can spiral into a life filled with unhappiness and see everything as negative.  Our modern life has challenges, but they do not necessarily affect our survival.

When we use words casually, without mindfully understanding how our mind, brain is assigning and aligning them, filing them away, using them as resources for reference to other experiences we have, we can find our moods are running us, our thoughts are on meaningless repeat, and our life is without purpose or happiness.

Mindfulness = Mind   Full

We could use awareness and mindfulness to reassess our thought patterns.

When we find ourselves repeatedly saying something like “that is CRAZY!!”  Recognize the habit.  Insert a pause of 1 minute.  Is it CRAZY?  What is the definition of that word?  How does it logically apply to the thought, idea, situation?    Notice how you feel when you logically question that saying.

The next time you catch yourself reverting to that saying, again, insert a pause. Sit with it for 2 minutes.   Question the validity of the phrase and if it has any meaning whatsoever to the situation.

Continue with this practice for a week.  Mindfully recognizing this little habit, a repeated phrase, insert that pause, add on another minute each time.  Question the validity of it.  Do you feel that it is no longer an accurate description of the situation, the feeling, the intention of the situation or thoughts about a certain topic?  Do you notice it just doesn’t seem relevant?  Even silly or ridiculous?  Simply take note of how it changes within your thought process over time.  Who are you without that thought?

Notice the difference between MINDFULLNESS and using words carelessly or in a MINDLESS manner.  Words are things that our mind really pays attention to.

How we think about everything contributes to create our experiences in life.

Change your thoughts, change your life.

Mindfully choose what you think and be aware of the reasons, the evidence supporting your thoughts, how that contributes to your beliefs, how that leads to choices, and then see how that affects your karma.   When we make choices from a more mindful awareness perspective, positive builds on positive. That could change your luck and your Karma!