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Comprehensive Wellbeing is the Goal
While each approach has its own merits, there is strength in numbers. From my experience, I can work with one person or a group, with the same technique and every single person will have an experience unique to them.

By combining these approaches, clients can receive tailored sessions that address the concerns they have and focus on the positive outcomes they want. This is not long therapy but it is effective and powerful. By working with clients with all these tools, they are empowered by understanding how thoughts, emotions, behaviors have a role in everything they do. What subconscious patterns and cognitive distortions can be addressed into more helpful ways of thinking. How living with mindfulness can nip those issues in the early stages to prevent relapses in negativity. How to retrain the mind to contribute to long-term positive changes. Recognize the mind-body connection that mental health and physical health are integrated within you and this holistic approach contributes to overall health and longevity.

Over 40 Club

I do tend to attract clients in the over 40 club. We do what we KNOW! This comes from a place of understanding that successfully addressing the challenges we face in these years, sets us up for success later in life, into and after retirement.
I’ve been 40, Okay, AND 50, and I wish I had the training and skills I have accumulated much earlier in my life.
It is possible to develop life skills that strengthen resilience and effective coping strategies to manage challenges at any age.
Healthy Mind & Body at Every Age !

• It is possible to Re-decide your direction.
• Regain Confidence
• Break Free of old beliefs that keep you stuck.
• Find the real YOU again!
• Build a future on your strengths.
• Manage your Health by forming helpful habits.
• Lean skills to manage symptoms. Pain and Menopause don’t have to run your life.
• Improve Cognitive wellbeing.
• Find purpose and meaning in your life.
• Identify solutions quickly and formulate a positive plan.
• You can change your life and look forward to your future self.


Hypnotherapy with CBT is a collaboration between coach and client

While hypnosis is safe and effective for many people with many common problems, combining it with Cognitive Behavior techniques, adds power! This is supported with much research and science, that two methods combined are better than one.

HypnoCBT is all about you, the client. Unlike other methods of hypnosis, HypnoCBT is a collaboration between coach and client.
HypnoCBT has a huge toolkit that is adaptable to so many circumstances. And empowering for clients through skills training.

The range of applications cover performance improvement in sports, exams, public speaking or motivation to tackle a big project or to get that workout done!
Science has proven that these sessions are effective for anxiety such as fears and phobias. Fear of flying. Fear of heights. Fear of animals. Effective for social anxiety to improve relations with yourself and others, reduce feelings of self consciousness, low esteem, nervousness, improve communication and interaction.

Meditation & Mindfulness

Meditation as a standalone practice is well documented as offering benefits in relaxation, calming the nervous system, focusing attention, and enhancing your own abilities to reduce and manage stress. It’s a small investment of time to reduce discomfort with anxiety by being in the present moment and creating more calm and inner peace. It can help with reducing the amount of negative thought traffic, enhance sleep, lower blood pressure, and creatively look at the everyday stresses in a more productive manner. As little as 5 minutes a day can begin to offer positive results.

Mindfulness works with all approaches. Mindfulness based therapy that involves CBT, meditation and practice of living and being present in the present moment, with self acceptance, nonjudgement approach. Being mindful and accepting of present circumstances, not personalizing and self blaming, supports the client in keeping focus to the facts of what is happening. It helps with distancing and not taking personal responsibility for events that are not within their control.

CBT Hypnotherapy