Margo Staniforth Client Testimonials

"​I thought I was alone with life’s challenges but realized that many people face struggles without being able to find the cause --- for years, sometimes decades! I've been part of many successful life changes. Read on..."

"Margo’s soft voice and soothing energy made it no problem for me to go into hypnosis. Working with suggestive therapy techniques the goals Margo and I reviewed and set out were coming true the very next day! Her kind energy gave me a sensation of total Trust, which allowed me to open up fully.

I recommend Margo for any type hypnotherapy and assure you that you won’t be disappointed."

- Brendan H, Calgary AB.

"Margo was born to be a great hypnotist. Her voice was very soothing, full of magic. She guided me into deep comfort and relaxation in minutes. Following by her words, I went to my happy place when I was a child. I was in my grandma’s arms and I felt the warmth of her tight hugs and the smell of her kitchen. It was such an overwhelming feeling that I burst into tears. It was a wonderful healing session for me. Margo gently let me know that I was loved unconditionally by real people in my life. She asked me to keep this beautiful feeling in my heart by repeating her affirmations in the hypnosis session. From that moment, I know whenever and wherever I needed, her love and energy would always be there for me."

- Joy C, Calgary, AB

"Margo has helped me tremendously to be aware of my behaviors that cause me to react in negative ways. She has helped me take steps to change these unhealthy behaviors that have not worked in the past,"Why do the same thing over and over again and expect a different outcome". I have a more positive attitude, relaxed disposition and skills to help me be able to react to triggers that help rather than hinder me. Always looked forward to our sessions!!!! Thanks Margo"

- Connie R.